Project Representation

Since opening our doors in 2014, we have represented numerous projects within NAIROBI. It is a niche we thoroughly enjoy and one where we have spent great time and effort perfecting our craft. Representing the development community requires different skills. At LEVEL THREE, we understand:

  • Inter-neighborhood pricing models
  • Property Awareness campaigns
  • Competitive project features
  • Tenant Screening

 Along with the technical skills, Our project sales team will come with an inherent understanding of how the project fits into the marketplace.

Our history of successful projects, despite monumental market challenges, is our greatest testimonial.

The Projects

The list of projects we have represented is long despite our relatively short existence. We understand what matters to the developers and the market and know how to communicate with both. Some of the projects we have represented:

  • Maisha Poa Centre
  • QWETU Homes
  • Njoroge Apartments Kikuyu
  • The Cary Edge
  • The Cary Flats
  • The Ambrata
  • The TriBeCa Brownstones
  • Hollywood Heights

Among Many Others.